Conditions & Application

Training the Talent of Tomorrow

Part of CTI Start-up’s mission is to acquire brilliant professionals with proven skills and competencies. In order to do this we must have:

  • A pool of highly-qualified business coaches
  • Sufficient access to expertise in CTI Start-up-focused industries, including business and technical areas
  • Experienced coaches with the latest industry knowledge

Requirements for CTI Coaches:

  • Management experience: To have run a company or played a key role in the success of a business. Even better: To have built a company from scratch, made a company profitable again or managed a significant number of employees
  • Operational know-how: To have significant experience in strategy formulation, industrialization, forecasting, product development, marketing and sales, financial planning and controlling, management of technology projects, organizational development, team building, etc.
  • Leadership experience in innovative technology: To have led innovation projects from scratch
  • Connections: To have an extensive professional network in Switzerland and abroad
  • Charismatic personality: To be open, prepared to listen, used to working autonomously, motivated by team-work, and an excellent communicator
  • Commitment: To be fully dedicated to supporting the Swiss start-up scene



If yes, please send a message with your contact details to coach-candidate[at] . You will then be included in our list of interested persons and receive a message automatically as soon as there is an open position. If you feel addressed, you will then have the possibility to send your job application to coach-candidate[at] .