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Ride the Wave with venturelab

The CTI Entrepreneurship through venturelab program (financed by the Commission for Technology and Innovation) aims to create awareness of entrepreneurship and to trigger a new wave of start-ups in Switzerland. During the program, students and graduates learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and come away with an important message: Know-how is acquired with practice and practice strengthens know-how. 

The courses are free of charge but admission is selective: successful applicants must have an innovative business idea and demonstrate the will to carry out their project from start to finish.


Fostering Entrepreneurial Spirit at High-tech Hubs

The training and advisory services of CTI Entrepreneurship by work in close collaboration with institutions of higher education such as Swiss engineering schools, universities, and the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology ETH in Zurich and Lausanne. The focus is on young entrepreneurs and spin-off projects in high-tech fields like computer science, life science, and bio- or nanotechnologies.


Hands-on Training and Support for Your First Steps

venturelab training program culminating in a ten-day business development course in Boston (USA). Students learn the skills and methodology needed to establish a new company and also how to successfully transform promising business ideas into marketable products and services. The practical and project-oriented workshops allow students and young entrepreneurs to closely observe and participate in the activities of successful start-ups.


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Public Tender: Training for young Entrepreneurs through CTI    

The CTI has been working 16 years to strengthen entrepreneurial thinking in science and industry. It has, among other things, set up the Entrepreneurship Training initiative "venturelab". Since 2003, about 2,700 persons are trained in more than 50 courses every year.

To expand the existing successful training program and to fulfill the obligation to tender, a new initiative under the umbrella brand "CTI Entrepreneurship" is set up to run as of 2013.


Public Tender CTI Entrepreneurship - Overview (30.6 KB)


The detailed documentation for the public tender is as of May 2, 2012 on www.simap.ch.   

The deadline for submission of bids is 3 September 2012.


More information on CTI's website: Öffentliche Ausschreibung von Trainings für JungunternehmerInnen durch die KTI