CTI - Commission for Technology and Innovation

Innovation drives the economy.

The Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) is the federal agency responsible for encouraging innovation through the provision of funding, consulting and networks. It also works to ensure that scientific research contributes to economic growth. CTI supports innovation within the Swiss economy for the Swiss economy.


  • CTI Project & Promotion: The R&D development and support program for enabling technologies applied to business driven projects
  • CTI Start-up: The hands-on coaching program for business founders and young entrepreneurs

CTI Start-up

CTI Start-up Brings Science to Market

CTI Start-up was initiated in 1996 by the , the innovation promotion agency of the Swiss Confederation. 

In keeping with CTI’s strategic national mission to foster economic growth, create jobs and international competitiveness that assure Switzerland’s future wealth, CTI Start-up focuses on helping entrepreneurs with a tailored, hands-on coaching process in four phases.


Training the Talent of Tomorrow

Part of CTI Start-up’s mission is to acquire brilliant professionals with proven skills and competencies. In order to do this we must have:

  • A pool of highly-qualified business coaches
  • Sufficient access to expertise in CTI Start-up-focused industries, including business and technical areas
  • Experienced coaches with the latest industry knowledge