Phase III


CTI Start-up Label Certification



  • To develop and optimize the business model and strategy.
  • To refine all aspects of the project’s business case (business model, strategy, team, IPR, financials, market and product) for presentation to the Label Certification Board.



6 - 24 months (depending on the project’s industry and progress).


Support Programs

  • The objective is to compliment coaching support during Phase III by helping entrepreneurs refine their plans.
  • Addresses business issues such as organisational development, legal issues, ramping-up sales, financial aspects, intellectual property rights, etc.
  • Companies must have passed Coaching Acceptance and received approval to attend a support module by the CTI Start-up case coach.
  • Attendance of a support module is either recommended by the coach or made mandatory during the Phase II Coaching Acceptance evaluation.
  • The support modules are either partially or entirely offered to the company.


Get Started

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