CTI Market Entry Camps

Get connected. Innovate globally.

A lot of start-ups create niche products. They need to think of a global market, right from the beginning. CTI Market Entry Camps is a joint initiative between CTI and several swissnex nodes in in the world’s most innovative hubs.

According to its stage and the general set-up of the market, the start-up gets support in following fields:

  • Fact finding
  • Market validation
  • Market entry

Procedure for the participation to the camp

  • Get in touch with the swissnex team of your choice to discuss opportunities, conditions and next steps
  • Get the recommendation of your coach (form provided by swissnex)
  • Examination and setting milestones by CTI Market Entry Camp Board
  • Selection based on maturity, milestones, scalability to foreign market
  • Make a journey to a new market